The EAPM Study Groups bring together individuals with a special interest in a given area of Perinatal Medicine, with the objective of disseminating knowledge, encouraging networks of research, and generally promoting excellence in the field.

Study Group chairs are appointed by the Executive Board for a period of 2 years, with the possibility of extending this mandate for subsequent periods of similar duration, based on the evaluation of a written report of activities. Study Group chairs are responsible for nominating the remaining members of the group, and communicating their names to the Executive Board.

While Study Groups have autonomy in defining their objectives, and in the way they strive to achieve them, the Executive Board reserves the right to evaluate whether these are in line with the general aims of the EAPM, and to terminate their mandate at any time.


AIMS: To promote awareness, education and science in the area of the perinatal and neonatal infections. This objective will be accomplished by the development of guidelines, expert opinions documents, and recommendations in the area of perinatal and neonatal infections; by the organization of educational workshops on specific topics in this area; and by producing scientific advice for the EAPM.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Paolo Manzoni (Italy)
  Daniele de Luca (France)
  Thorsten Orlikowsky (Germany)
  Bernhard Resch (Austria)
  Julije Mestrovic (Croatia)
  Maria Cernada (Spain)
  Elio Castagnola (Italy)
  Irene Cetin (Italy)
  Valeria Savasi (Italy)

MATERNAL HAEMODYNAMIC ASSESSMENT - W. Gyselaers, C. Lees, L. Vythalingum


COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Christopher Lees (UK)
  Bavi Vythalingum (UK)
  Wilfried Gyselaers (Belgium)

END-OF-LIFE CARE IN PERINATAL MEDICINE - Gianpaolo Donzelli (Italy), Dominique Haumont (Belgium)



COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Dominique Haumont (Belgium)
  Gianpaolo Donzelli (Italy)

PRETERM BIRTH - Gian Carlo Di Renzo (Italy), Luis Cabero (Spain)



COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Gian Carlo Di Renzo (Italy)
  Luis Cabero (Spain)

DIABETES IN PREGNANCY - Moshe Hod (Israel), Umberto Simeoni (Switzerland)


COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Umberto Simeoni (Switzerland)
  Moshe Hod (Israel)

INTRAPARTUM FETAL MONITORING - Anneke Kwee (Netherlands), Susanna Timonen (Finland)

AIMS: To promote training related to intrapartum fetal monitoring (IFM) in European countries. To foster research collaboration and develop standards related to IFM. To promote the development of technology related to IFM. To promote the development of international guidelines on the use of IFM. To organize courses/ sessions within EAPM meetings. To organise the European Congress on Intrapartum Care (ECIC) every two years, under the umbrella of the EAPM.

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  Anneke Kwee (Netherlands)
  Susanna Timonen (Finland)
  Isis Amer-Wahlin (Sweden)
  Diogo Ayres-de-Campos (Portugal)
  Branka Yli (Norway)
  Austin Ugwumadu (UK)
  Tullia Todros (Italy)
  Christophe Vayssire (France)
  Luca Ramenghi (Italy)
  Emmanuel Roth (France)

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