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INTRAPARTUM CARESusanna Timonen (Finland)


Vanessa Cole (Midwife – UK)
Christiane Schwarz (Midwife – Germany)
Anneke Kwee (Obstetrician – Netherlands)
Isis Amer-Wahlin (Obstetrician – Sweden)
Diogo Ayres-de-Campos (Obstetrician – Portugal)
BrankaYli (Obstetrician – Norway)
Austin Ugwumadu (Obstetrician – UK)
Christophe Vayssiere (Obstetrician – France)
InĂªs Nunes (Obstetrician – Portugal)
Emmanuel Roth (Midwife – France)

AIMS: To disseminate knowledge related to intrapartum care in European countries, developing training, fostering research collaboration, promoting the development of technology, and elaborating international guidelines and clinical standards. To organize courses/ sessions within EAPM meetings. To organise the European Congress on Intrapartum Care (ECIC) every two years, under the umbrella of the EAPM.

MILESTONES 2019-2022. To develop European guidelines/position papers on the use of episiotomy, oxytocin augmentation and unnecessary cesareans. To organise the 2019 and 2021 European Congress of Intrapartum Care together with the European Midwives Association.



Frederic Chantraine (Belgium)
LeneGroenbeck (Denmark)
Sally Collins (UK)
Guiseppe Cali (Italy)
LoicSentilhe (France)
Donal Brennan (Ireland)

AIMS: To promote education and clinical science in the area of abnormalplacentation including placenta praevia, placenta accreta spectrum (PAS) and vasapraevia. We aim to improve the management outcome of these conditions by organisingEAPM courses on abnormal placentation; setting up a European database for PAS and vasa praevia cases; and by elaborating European guidelines on diagnosis andmanagement of placenta praevia and vasa praevia.

MILESTONES 2019-2022. To develop European guidelines on the diagnosis and management of placenta praevia and vasa praevia. To set upa European database for cases of PAS and vasa praevia.

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